Elk & Mule Deer Hunts


elk and mule deer : Archery and Muzzle-loader (Units 55 & 66)

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Archery season begins August 25th and ends September 23rd.

Muzzle-loader season begins September 8th and ends September 16th.

Congratulations if you have drawn an archery or muzzleloader tag for unit 66.  This is a limited draw unit and it has more than it's fair share of large trophy bull elk.  

We offer guided hunts for these licenses in the La Garita Wilderness. We pack in about eight miles to a comfortable camp in some of the best hunting in Colorado. Success is almost one hundred percent for trophy 5 and 6 point and up bull elk. We are also close to trophy unit 76 and we see a lot of those bulls come into our hunting area as well. This hunt can not be beat.

elk and mule deer : Rifle Hunts (unit 55)

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The following are hunt dates, not season dates, because there are pack-in and pack-out days:

October 12th - 18th

October 19th - 25th

October 25th - 29th

November 2nd - 8th

November 8th -12th

November 13th - 19th.