Drop Camps


Spend a few days and nights at one of our drop camps.

Drop camps are for the hunter who wants independence coupled with the convenience of an established camp in a proven area. We'll pack you and your gear into camp and come back at an agreed-upon time to pack you and your game out.

what's at the drop camps?

  • Walled tent
  • Wood stove, cook stove and fuel
  • Coleman lanterns
  • Ground cloth
  • Firewood (some already split)
  • Cooking gear, some dishes, silverware and cups
  • Coffee pot & large pot to boil water
  • Spring for water
  • Cots and pads
  • Axe, bow saw, small bottle diesel fuel

what to bring

  • All items on this checklist
  • Food, seasonings, matches, paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, soap
  • Sharp knives and saw
  • First aid supplies
  • Pack frame